Portrait of Jeroen Dekker

Fullstack developer.
Tastes good!

Ok, I may need to explain that for a bit. ’Licht gekruid’ means ’slightly seasoned’ in Dutch. When you're developing a website or application, it is important that your project hinders the user as little as possible. But, at the other hand you want the user to get comfortable with your brand and product. I will help you to not add too much ’seasoning’ to your ’dish’, so the user is optimally served. Without becoming bland!

I do this by using techniques that are used and understood by many developers and adding as little complexity as possible to serve the needs of the project. I am not stuck with a framework, like Django, ReactJS or VueJS, although I am comfortable with them.

Colleagues describe me as social, eager to learn and creative. With an eye for detail and a drive to deliver high quality work.

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